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Water Me
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Song by FKA twigs
from the album EP2
Recorded 2013
Genre Electronic
Length 3:25
Label Young Turks
Writer FKA twigs, Arca
Producer FKA twigs, Arca

'Water Me' is the second single off of FKA twigs second extended play, EP2. The song was released as a single on August 1, 2013 and was released digitally with the album on September 13, 2013. The song was the only promotional single on the EP.


FKA Twigs' first single was something that she and New York producer Alejandro Arca came up with at the end of a session. She recalled to Red Bull Music Academy: "It wasn't a particularly successful session up until that point. We were making these beats and I was whisper-rapping over some stuff, and it all felt a bit empty. We had half-an-hour left at the end, and we started playing together. I was on the Tempest, doing some drums. And Alejandro started adding some synths. The Tempest has this great function where you can record something straight into it and start manipulating it. Very quickly the words came to me, out of nowhere. I'm not going to lie and say I laboured over it for ages. I think I wrote it in about seven minutes."

"It's really emotional," Twigs added with a laugh. "We were really emotional in the studio on that day, I remember. Two emo little souls, together. That's very unlike us. Usually in the studio it's... it's ridiculous. We'll work for an hour and then put on some Janet Jackson and dance around the room. Then we'll put on some merengue tune and tango through the studio. We work very quickly. Technically, he's so fast, which really suits me. I don't like to labour over things. In my experience, the first idea is usually the best one. And once I start to think about it, it implodes on itself."